Fire & ISON

I watched NASA’s “Fire and ISON” broadcast, and am now reading the news articles. It appears as though ISON has not survived its pass around the Sun. I am disappointed, of course, but also still thankful. Very thankful.

I remember the day last year when I lamented the fact that I would be too old to make a piece of comet jewelry the next time that Halley’s Comet passes by. Most of the antique comet pins that I have collected were probably made to celebrate Comet Halley, and I was sad that I would not be able to join the artisans of the past in celebrating with my art. Then, on that very same day, the news broke about ISON! It was as if the Universe was telling me that I should follow my passion regardless of Halley’s schedule, and so I began making comets of my own!

For scientists, ISON has brought a wealth of new information, and for this I am thankful. ISON, regardless of what anyone says, was not a dud. For me, ISON was a beautiful beacon of light that helped guide my art, and for this I will forever be thankful. I will continue making comets because comets are awesome. A comet may have even seeded Earth with life! Thank you, comets…and thank you ISON!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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