Meteor Necklace


I crafted this necklace from sterling silver and a piece of real meteorite (Campo del Cielo) that I found at a gem show. The meteor seems to fly across the neckline when the wearer moves his or her head. Here’s a little video that I took of my husband turning his head while wearing this necklace:

I know it’s not a comet, but I figured that I would share it here anyway. 🙂

more comets to come soon!


Fire & ISON


I watched NASA’s “Fire and ISON” broadcast, and am now reading the news articles. It appears as though ISON has not survived its pass around the Sun. I am disappointed, of course, but also still thankful. Very thankful.

I remember the day last year when I lamented the fact that I would be too old to make a piece of comet jewelry the next time that Halley’s Comet passes by. Most of the antique comet pins that I have collected were probably made to celebrate Comet Halley, and I was sad that I would not be able to join the artisans of the past in celebrating with my art. Then, on that very same day, the news broke about ISON! It was as if the Universe was telling me that I should follow my passion regardless of Halley’s schedule, and so I began making comets of my own!

For scientists, ISON has brought a wealth of new information, and for this I am thankful. ISON, regardless of what anyone says, was not a dud. For me, ISON was a beautiful beacon of light that helped guide my art, and for this I will forever be thankful. I will continue making comets because comets are awesome. A comet may have even seeded Earth with life! Thank you, comets…and thank you ISON!

Happy Thanksgiving!




I naturally awoke this morning during ISON’s perihelion. I had not planned to sleep in…it just happened (most likely because I stayed up until 4am working on a wholesale order for Uncommon Goods). Anyway, I am quite pleased with my subconscious for giving me this gift of perihelion. Thanks, brain!

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, and I am wishing everyone who can have a good day a very happy one. I am wearing this (see photo) ISON necklace that I made special for myself. I will sell copies of this necklace in my Etsy shop if anyone wants one, but this little particular little comet is mine. The glass stone is called “green goldstone.” It looks dark blue until you notice the green sparkles. Will ISON remain green and sparkling in the coming days, or is it burning up right now as I type? We will know soon. In the meantime, I am counting my blessings and hoping for the best.

Comet ISON!


Comet ISON!

I am so excited that Comet ISON might give us a spectacular show come December! Like a fan wearing the colors of her favorite football team, I am wearing my comets and completely geeking out. YAY!

I crafted these two necklaces from recycled sterling silver and green Swarovski crystal.


000 antique comet ufo

This is one of my favorite comet pins. It’s made of 14k gold and paste stones. The workmanship, when you look closely, is very interesting. I love the cloth-like texture near the stones…like the comet is cutting through the fabric of space. And then what is that near the end of the tail? A UFO?


Comet Pin?

00 40s comet

I picked up this pin on eBay for around $6.00. It is made of base metal and rhinestone, and is probably from the 1940s. I think that it might be a comet pin because it reminds me of the first comet in this illustration from Johannes Hevelius’ Cometographia (Danzig, 1668). What do you think?

cometsImage credit: NASA/JPL –